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Sponsorships Available

This Sponsorship is $35.10 and provides care for one survivor for one day. 

This is your opportunity to support a survivor for a full day at the Transformation Garden. Imagine knowing that a full 24-hour period of care is being provided each month because you decided to echo the Psalmist in Psalm 35:10 and say  "Yes Lord, I want to be a part of what You are doing to rescue and protect the helpless from those who rob them."

This Sponsorship is $280.80 and is named after our partner Eight Days of Hope.

8DOH offers construction expertise from start to finish to help build and renovate homes where survivors can be safe and free to start a new life. This sponsorship provides care for a survivor at the Transformation Garden for eight full days. It is a great option for an individual, family, or small group to join hands and bring hope to a woman longing for God's unconditional love, redemption, and restoration.

This sponsorship is $1,067.60 and provides an entire month of care for a survivor. 

A church, business, individual, or small group can use this sponsorship to provide a full month's care to a survivor seeking a long-term save place where she can receive rest for her soul and learn to truly live. 

This Transformation sponsorship is a $12,811.20 a year commitment. 

This sponsorship provides survivor care for 12 straight months. Transforming a life takes time and we are committed to providing help, hope and healing to these survivors. Our program is 18-24 months in duration. This is a great option for a church, corporation, civic organization, or large group to support out long-term commitment to a survivor. 

One-time donations of any amount

All online donations are tax deductible through the Anchor Church. You will receive an immediate emailed transaction receipt and a year-end receipt from Anchor Church. Your donation(s) will be designated in full to the Transformation Garden. 

A 3.5% fee is added to credit/debit card transactions, no fee is added to the e-check option.


To set as a RECURRING donation, click "Edit Payment" next to your gift amount during check-out.

Want to donate needed items?

•matching top and bottom pajamas in various sizes •house shoes in various sizes •copy paper •craft/art supplies •unscented lotions •white contact paper •lawn care items such as rakes, shovels, and gardening gloves •floor cleaning items such as mops, brooms, dustpans and vacuum cleaner

Visit our AMAZON WISH LIST by using the link provided. If you would like your gift to be mailed directly to us, don't forget to add the street address for Anchor Church (below) in Amazon check-out: 

Transformation Garden
C/O Anchor Church
278 College Avenue
Tupelo, MS 38801

You are welcome to contact us about any other items you would like to give. 

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