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Transformation Garden Selected for National Training Program

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We are excited to announce that The Samaritan Women (TSW) – Institute for Shelter Care has selected the Transformation Garden for its extensive national training program to establish best practice in helping survivors of human trafficking.

“TSW’s shelter mentorship program is a rigorous, long-term commitment,” shares Kim Checkeye, Director of Shelter Mentorship for the Institute. “Mentees selected for this program will undergo a one-year training program and two additional years of mentorship to ensure the shelter is established on a sure foundation and the quality of services to survivors is based on research and best practice.”   

Along with 115 individuals from 31 states, members of our team participated in a series of the Institutes national webinars In Summer 2020 and applied for the mentorship program in September.

 “In reviewing applications, we are looking for organizational readiness, maturity, and clear community support,” explained Jeanne L. Allert, Executive Director of The Samaritan Women. “Serving trafficking survivors requires an ‘all-in’ commitment.  The work is emotionally and spiritually depleting. The most successful shelter programs in the United States are those with strong leadership, spiritual fortitude, and full community support.” 

The Institute is leading a national initiative addressing the severe shortage of services for victims of domestic sex trafficking. Currently, only 177 agencies nationwide are providing residential care for trafficking survivors.  That equates to about 1,300 survivors who have an opportunity to receive long-term restorative care. It is estimated that more than 300,000 individuals are currently being trafficked in the U.S. 

Until now, Mississippi has been one of the few states without a long- term restorative care program.

We are thrilled to receive training from the Institute for Shelter Care to ensure we are providing the best possible care for the brave survivors who will come to the Transformation Garden for help. And we are extremely grateful to the Institute for granting the Transformation Garden a large scholarship, covering the majority of the cost associated with this valuable training.

This is a community initiative, and, as we move forward, we will continue to work to bring awareness in North Mississippi. To find more information about Transformation Garden, visit  and click Contact to request a speaker to share at your home group, small or large group event regarding the issue of trafficking.

Anne Reed

About the author

Anne Reed

Anne writes for the American Family Association’s monthly print magazine and online platform, often calling the church to act justly on behalf of the vulnerable. She continues to participate in this spiritual battle through her work with the Transformation Garden. 

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